Michael Leavey – Phoenix, Arizona

Michael Leavey, of Phoenix, Arizona, is our Lead Dad of the Week!

Michael has gone through several phases of Lead Dad Life in his son’s five years. He was a married Lead Dad working full time for American Express when his husband, a doctor, had a work schedule that was less conducive for Lead Dadding.

After relocating from the New York area to Phoenix before the pandemic, Michael worked remotely for a few years before leaving AmEx to become a Lead Dad who devotes all his time to his family.

At Thanksgiving, the couple ended their marriage, and Michael is now navigating life as a single Lead Dad, who is sharing custody of his son Cole with his ex-husband.

Yet he is now both pragmatic and optimistic. “I’ve had a hard time with the transition, and I’ve had an issue getting my son to school on time,” he said.

But he sees the best days ahead for him and Cole. “I was a pretty amazing dad before, but now I feel like I continue to grow because I don’t have him every day. I’m planning to have the best summer of my life as a dad. I have an opportunity to do whatever he wants to do because I don’t have a job.”

He’s also found time for himself and rediscovered a passion. “I got back on the ice for hockey for the first time in five years,” he said. “I had a great performance. I stopped 29 shots. I’m finding my tribe of dads. I don’t want to do life by myself. I need community and Cole needs community.”

Welcome, Michael, to our community at The Company of Dads.