Navigating Caregiving and Careers: Insights from Working Moms

In this candid conversation, working moms Casandra Williams and Aurore Joshi open up about the challenges and joys of navigating careers while juggling caregiving responsibilities. Casandra, a first- generation college graduate and mother to a 2-year-old, shares her strategies for effective co-parenting and staying organized. Aurore provides a moving account of her 20-year journey as the “sandwich generation” caregiver – supporting her ailing single mother for 11 years, and then her father’s declining health shortly after the birth of her first child. The two mothers offer invaluable insights on mindfulness, prioritizing self-care, finding moments of joy amidst hardship, and giving oneself grace during life’s intense seasons. They discuss the importance of supportive managers, affordable backup care, and building a nurturing “village.” With refreshing vulnerability, Casandra and Aurore emphasize the lessons of gratitude, self-love and acceptance that their caregiving journeys have taught them. This powerful episode illuminates the daily struggles and resilience of modern working parents striving to find harmony across work and life.