10 Screen-Free Road Trip Activities

The family road trip is so much more than a car ride – but that car ride can set the mood for wherever you’re going.

Children plus Long Journey (can) equal Parental Headache. (Are we there yet??? Why does he keep poking me??? Dad, she’s not on her side like you said!!!) Sticking them on a device for hours on end can make a bad situation even worse.

We’re positive thinkers here at The Company of Dads. So we’ve mined our Dad network to come up with 10 ways to use that car time to connect as a family, learn new things and enjoy the journey just a little bit more.

1. Trivia or Card-Style Games: Keep everyone entertained by bringing along trivia sets or card games. From classic trivia to fast-paced card games, these options guarantee endless fun, and can be educational for everyone!

2. Car Bingo: Turn the passing scenery into an interactive game by creating your own car bingo cards. Spot landmarks, license plates, or road signs to mark off squares and compete for the bingo crown.

3. MadLibs: I mean, who doesn’t like MadLibs? Add laughter and creativity to the trip with the ultimate fill-in-the-blank game. Unpredictable stories and goofy scenarios are guaranteed to lighten the mood.

4. Audiobooks and Podcasts: Dive into captivating stories or learn something new through audiobooks and podcasts. With a wide range of genres available, there’s something for every passenger. This can also create a common interest with you and your kids, giving you something to converse about beyond the car ride.

5. Road Trip Playlist: Curate a playlist beforehand or collaborate on one during the trip. Work in clockwise rotation around the car (starting with your shotgun rider) and have everyone call out and listen to a song they like. Add each song to the playlist and create the soundtrack to your entire trip.
6. Landmark Detour: It is easier than ever to look up special places on the way to your destination. Planning detours to visit interesting landmarks or quirky roadside attractions will break the monotony and add excitement to the adventure. Feeling really bold? Leave a day early and plan to spend some time exploring or enjoying the added stop. Everyone can get some rest and be fresh for the actual destination the next day.

7. Word Games (GHOST; Alphabet Game, etc…): Challenge fellow passengers with word games. These simple yet engaging games exercise the mind and bring out the competitive spirit. They’re great for school-aged kids.

8. Coloring/Art Projects: Got creative kids? Unleash them with coloring books or art projects. There are countless options for in-the-car art supplies. Whether it’s sketching landscapes or filling in coloring pages, it’s a therapeutic way to pass the time.

9. Traditional Books: Sometimes, the captivation of a good old-fashioned book is all you need. Dive into novels or inspiring reads during the journey.

10. Turn Boredom into Creativity: Embrace the moments of lull as opportunities for brainstorming or creative thinking. Who knows? The most innovative ideas might spring from these seemingly dull moments.
A road trip is an adventure meant to be savored in its entirety, and these activities aim to do just that. By steering away from screens and electronics, you open the door to deeper connections, shared laughter, and moments that become cherished memories. So, rev up the excitement, leave the screens behind, and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with joy, camaraderie, and the pure essence of exploration.

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