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Well-Known New York Times Columnist Launches First Community for Lead Dads

Creating a much-needed online and in-person resource for Lead Dads – those men who are the primary parents whether they work full time, part time or devote all of their time to their family. Read more…

New York Times

Why I’m Ending My ‘Wealth Matters’ Column

After 13 years, 608 installments, and an estimated 4,864 sources, I’m stepping away from my weekly column to…

Dads Are Often IT Guys When Couples Divide Chores

Shared calendars and notes can make it easier for fathers to manage to-dos, but so can asking for help…

23 Amazon products that make parenting just a little easier, according to parents

Even though parents adore their children, they’re also constant work. No matter…

The difference between ‘rich’ and ‘wealthy,’ according to New York Times ‘Wealth Matters’ columnist

Hedge-funders “make a ton of money but they may also be highly leveraged,” so “life is…

‘I was holding my wife back’: How dads are making way for moms to thrive at work

It was shortly after a second promotion in three years and over 15 years in financial services that Nicholas Bowman began to question what life was all about.

How workplaces can help fathers take on more of the caregiving load

This summer, I took a lesson on making workplaces better for all caregivers from the most cerebral movie I’ve seen in years: Barbie. (Pause while my three young daughters cringe—and my wife, who works in financial services, nods in agreement.)

Embracing Lead Dads: Redefining Parenthood

In a world where gender roles are constantly evolving, redefining parenting dynamics is more crucial than ever, especially when it comes to addressing a major barrier to retaining women in leadership roles.

Five Books to Make You Smarter About Money

Young Americans, in particular, don’t know much about handling money. But they can fill the knowledge gap by reading these books.

Resentment for a Partner is Like Dust Under a Couch

Paul Sullivan is still figuring out this whole “fatherhood” thing – and he’s here to help other men find their way, too…

Can Taking Paternity Leave Improve Dads’ Sleep?

It took Paul Sullivan and his wife six months to find a rhythm when their second daughter was born. “It was very tough,” says Sullivan, 50, a Connecticut author and journalist who has since founded a community…

Inspired Impact: Interviews with purpose-driven leaders who are dedicated to helping others and making a positive impact in the world

My name is Paul Sullivan and I’m the founder of The Company of Dads, which is the first media company and community platform created for Lead Dads.

How to Be Happier as an Adult: Mid-Life Crisis Explained

The ages of 30-50 are the most unhappy periods of our lives. During the middle ages, we teeter-totter with how we spend our time. We bounce between earning enough to live our desired lifestyles and spending quality time with friends and family…

Changing Gender Dynamics at Home, One Lead Dad at a Time

My wife is listed fourth on the emergency contact list. But sometimes the school will still call her. She’ll say, ‘why didn’t you call my husband, he’s the Kindergarten class parent?’…

What chores should kids do around the house? An age-by-age guide

For parents, it’s often shocking how much more cleaning is required once kids are added to the mix. From…

Paul Sullivan: Calling All Lead Dads

Paul Sullivan once hung up on Laura Tyson, former head of the Council of Economic Advisers for the Clinton administration.

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