Skip Cherryholmes: Month 4 Of Lead Dad Life

The most challenging moments for me have been that I’ve landed myself into so many different things. I wanted to try it all. I never knew I was capable of doing so many other things. But I have to be very deliberate about shutting it off. One of the defining moments of me coming off the road was my son trying to talk to me and me not being able to focus on him. I want this family to succeed.

Skip Cherryholmes: Month 3 Of Lead Dad Life

I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with my son, Aiden. Adeline is two, and she’s pretty low maintenance. She plays with her toys, and you interact with her. Aiden is very detailed - you have to be all in 100 percent focused. It has to go the way he has it in his head. It’s a wild ride. His imagination is just exploding. I want him to have that liberty. He’ll find ways to make it work when he gets older.

Skip Cherryholmes: Month 2 Of Lead Dad Life

The best part has been the realization that I’m taking this step. We packed the whole family up and took a short vacation down to Disney world. It’s been so prominent because this has been a period of so much adjustment. … It’s been very mentally laborious – from the moment I made the decision to start the process, every aspect has been absorbing my energy. My wife...

Skip Cherryholmes: Week 3 Of Lead Dad Life

The big questions is, Can I do this? You jump off the ship and wonder can I swim? By and large I feel like I can. The best part overall is I’ve had the opportunity to be super hands on with both of my kids in a way that is almost brand new. As long as I get something figured out [workwise], I’m going to be present. I take my computer and sit on the deck. I can...