If you’re a working parent, you know how many moving parts there are, moment-to-moment.

Whose turn is it to pack lunches? Meeting with a new client—now? Did I pay that bill? Project deadline at 4pm. Soccer at 5. What IS for dinner tonight?

Join Bright Horizons Chief Client and Experience Officer, Priya Krishnan; Paul Sullivan, the founder of The Company of Dads, as they shed light on how we can truly navigate the delicate dance of career and family life. Get ready for empowering conversations, expert insights, and real stories from a community that understands the daily struggles and triumphs of working parents.

When to ‘Sway’: Practical Tips for Working Parents

Pulitzer-prize winning Wall Street Journal reporter and author Joann Lublin shares invaluable wisdom from her books Power Moms and Earning It which detail how executive mothers can thrive at the highest levels while navigating work and family. Lublin reveals eye-opening findings from her interviews with more than 100 trailblazing leaders across generations, including powerful strategies they used to overcome bias, find work-life sway, and pay it forward to uplift other women. With candid storytelling and practical advice, Joann shows how embracing mentorship and choosing the right workplace enables ambitious moms to redefine success on their own terms.

Turning Talk into Action for Gender Equality

David Smith, a former Navy pilot who is now an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, shares eye-opening insights on achieving gender equity in the workplace and at home. Drawing from his own experiences in the male-dominated Naval Academy and military, as well as his extensive research with co-author Brad Johnson, David dives deep into the systematic biases and everyday actions that hold women back professionally. He provides powerful strategies for leaders to build more inclusive cultures through true allyship. With candid personal anecdotes about raising his son and daughter, he offers inspiring advice for dads on prioritizing family alongside work success.

Work, Life, Family: Defining the Parenting Village

Dr. Dana Suskind, a trailblazing surgeon and researcher, has built a career on the profound impact that parent-child interactions have on children’s' brains. Drawing from cutting-edge science and her own inspirational life story, Dr. Suskind shares practical strategies that any parent or caregiver can use to massively boost a child's cognitive development and lifelong potential. You'll learn why societies that support parents end up with smarter, healthier, more successful children - and what employers and policymakers can do to prioritize early childhood. Whether you're a new parent or you work with families, this is an eye-opening look at how talking, reading, and engaging with young kids can quite literally shape their minds for the future. Don't miss this opportunity to become a "brain architect!”

Ep 1: How one leader’s personal planning created workplace change

David Newson, founder of XNW Digital, is a seasoned professional who brings a unique perspective to the discussion of work-life integration and mindful leadership. With a successful career in marketing and a genuine commitment to striking a balance between professional success and personal fulfillment, David's insights into intentional time management and navigating the challenges of parenthood and leadership are sure to resonate with working parents and leaders seeking improved work-life integration. His personal journey and experiences offer valuable wisdom and practical strategies for finding harmony between professional and personal responsibilities.