Balancing Career and Caregiving: A Parent’s Love Story

In this powerful episode, author Jessica Fein discusses her new memoir, Breath Taking: A Memoir of Family, Dreams, and Broken Genes, which chronicles her family’s journey caring for their daughter Dalia, who was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease at age 5. Jessica opens up about the range of emotions – fear, grief, guilt – that came with being a caregiver while also working full-time and raising her three children. She shares candid insights about navigating relationships, finding support systems, and the judgment she faced for continuing to work while caring for her daughter. Jessica also talks about her advocacy work and her Psychology Today column “Grace and Grief” which explores our society’s attitudes towards loss. With remarkable vulnerability, she offers hard-won wisdom on balancing work and life, and what friends and employers can do to truly show up during life’s most challenging times.