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The Company of Dads is here to partner with you at a crucial time for business. A few companies have adapted well to The Next Normal, a few have royally botched the transition. Most are muddling through trying to figure out how to navigate a world of work and home that no one imagined in the pre-pandemic days.

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We’re Here To Provide Solutions

The Company of Dads’ offerings flow from real-world experience and research into what employees want and companies need. We aim to reframe how decision makers and executives think about the evolving gender roles at work and home. One thing that has inhibited women’s corporate success is being dragged down by the second shift – the well-known expectation that after finishing work, working mothers will be the ones who still have to organize their kids schedules, their home, their family’s life. On the other hand, working fathers who have raised their hand to be parents at work have often been seen as less committed to their jobs. It’s an issue that can be solved when we start to ask different questions.

Sessions We Offer

  • Employee Resource Groups
    Aimed at employees and emerging leaders.
  • Seminars for Emerging Leaders
    Change starts in the middle, where day-to-day decisions are made.
  • Keynote Talks
    Big stage events for company offsites or client events.

Session Formats

  • In-Person Event
    Audience size determines session format.
  • Hybrid Event
    Flexibility is key to reach the broadest audience.
  • In-Person Event with Subscription Plus
    This allows managers and employees who could not make the event to access the content for months after the event.

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The Catalyst for Success

We’re all making our way in The Next Normal. While work is never going to look like 2019 again, we’re not sure what this post-pandemic world will look like. But employers can help key employees reframe their own work and family responsibilities to achieve success and reduce unproductive stress.

A Lesson From The Passenger Seat

Key employees can be agents for change for their direct reports, leaders among their peers, and responsible actors when it comes to the balance between in-office and distributed work. But it all starts with honest conversations, admissions of humanity and the right questions.

More About The Next Normal

The Company of Dads works with companies and employees on updating their expectations, changing their communication techniques and ultimately creating a more open, transparent work environment that will allow everyone to fulfill their potential.

Our Approach
We draw on a growing body of research that supports the need for a different approach to work – both on the job and at home. We explore how small adjustments in the corporate world, and modest shifts at home, can make a startling difference in allowing women to rise through the ranks at work and fulfill their potential and enabling men to bring their full selves to work. The Company of Dads’ Lead Dad approach is about the entire family fulfilling its potential at work, home and in life.

About Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan, the founder, has addressed groups from 50 to 500 in the United States, Mexico and Chile. He has spoken to corporate, non-profit and membership organizations as well as at universities including the United States Military Academy at West Point and Columbia Business School.


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More About The Company of Dads

The Company of Dads launched in February 2022. The reception of and interest in it has increased steadily, from a wide range of Lead Dads and companies interested in thinking differently about work, life and parenting in 2022. In June, The Wall Street Journal highlighted the community. We’ve also received mentions on the websites of CNN, CNBC, and YahooFinance. The Company of Dads has been recognized for its work by Equimundo, a global nonprofit centered around gender equality and a positive view of masculinity.

We Have Three Areas of Concentration

  • Media Company: The Company of Dads produces a weekly podcast, newsletter and various features, including the popular “Lead Dad of The Week”.
  • Community Platform: The Company of Dads has steadily grown its community of Lead Dads, who have welcomed the outlet as a place to discuss work and home issues with people going through the same experience. We’ve done this through a private Facebook group and events – online for now with our first in-person event set for the spring and plans to franchise the model in 2024.
  • Corporate Training: The Company of Dads works with companies to adapt their parenting polices to The New Normal of work and life. We particularly focus on two groups: helping employees and companies maximize the benefit of employee resource groups and seminars aimed at middle managers and emerging leaders.

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