1×1 Activities To Do With Your Child

Summer vacations can be full of magic and memory making—but they’re usually as a family. Now that we’re heading back-to-school, it’s a good time to share our favorite activities to do one-on-one with our kids.

That time together can be hard to find, but it’s incredibly rewarding for both of you. And this is one aspect of parenting where one child screaming, “That isn’t fair – why can’t I go?” is actually easy to handle. You certainly can go – just you and me the next time out!

Here are some of our top activities/outings from our Dad panel to get in that quality time:

Bowling (just remember, they might beat you)
Bike riding
Rage rooms (this sounds really cathartic)
Camping (don’t forget the stuff for s’mores!)
Puzzles (start small and work your way up, don’t try to be a hero and get a 1000 piece right off the bat)
Board games (but NOT Mouse Trap—that is a nightmare masquerading as a child’s game)
Baking (these calories don’t count, if you were wondering)
Zoos (the Bronx and Philly zoos were top of the list!)
Ceramic cafe (you can always use a new mug)
Mini golf (think they’ll let us bring our own clubs?)
Parks (try and find new ones you haven’t been to before)
Sports clinic
Dinner out (and no dishes for you!)
Ice cream date (these calories also don’t count)
Dance party (Alexa, play Taylor Swift)
Running from your robot vacuum (ours is named Cheez-It and she is notorious for going after ankles)
Finding/identifying insects (make it fun with these)
Geocaching (what kid wouldn’t like an outdoor treasure hunt?)
Disc golfing
Paint by number (just make sure it’s kid friendly)
Tour your own city (places to go, people to see, things to eat, etc.)
House projects
Martial arts (jui jitsu is very popular for young kids and their parents)
Sporting events (especially great if you live near a big city—Go Birds!)
Reading together
Taking classes for things neither of you have ever done (sports/art/etc.)
Live music (we hear there’s some big tour going on if you can get off the waitlist)

The activity isn’t as important. Spending that individualized time with your child is what matters—even if it’s just running to the grocery store together.

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