Alex Leach

Alex Leach, a Philadelphia sports fan who lives in Darien, Conn., is our Lead Dad of the Week.

Alex, a Lead Dad to a boy and a girl, runs his own video production company, Firebelly Sound. His wife Becky works in financial services and commutes into New York City. They met at Colby College in 1995. “I helped her with her luggage the very first day,” he said.

When his wife was pregnant with their son, he lost his job working with Time Warner and decided to work for himself. “Something in the universe was setting us on this path,” he said. “A friend threw me a lot of jobs that fit my schedule of taking our son around in the stroller. When he was napping, I’d work.”

His business ramped up when their children were in school – but so, too, did his collection of speeding tickets, as he raced from a job to school to pick them up.

A jovial guy, he said he’s been able to navigate acceptance from moms and caregivers pretty well. “There was definitely a learning curve for a lot of people,” he said. “Now I’ll be at skating practice, and Becks will come along, and people will say, We didn’t think you existed!”

The one exception? Cracking the mom-only text changes. But he’s trying.

Welcome, Alex, to The Company of Dads.