Anton Mavrin – Wilton, CT

Welcome Anton Mavrin from Wilton, CT, as our Lead Dad of the Week. A husband and father of two children under age 4, Anton is the director of racquet sports at The Lake Club, where he is in charge of the club’s tennis, paddle and pickle ball programs.

Like many Lead Dads, it’s the type of career that gives him pockets of time that are his and other times when he can adjust his schedule for his family. But there are are still those times where he has to be at work in person.He’s not complaining. He’s juggling.“

The most challenging part is when the kids are sick,” he says. “You have to try to work. It’s been challenging.”Originally from Uzbekistan, Anton played junior tennis internationally, but it was through the club version of the sport that he met his wife Anastasia, who grew up in Russia before coming to the U.S. to play college tennis.His parenting model was his father and mother, who shared the childrearing and household responsibilities equally.“

Becoming the Lead Dad was gradual,” he said. “There wasn’t one ah-ha moment. I’m in a role where I’m not just helping but I can take the lead on many things – doctors, appointments, playing, entertaining, changing them.”

Getting comfortable with this role isn’t always easy. He credits a member at his previous club with imparting sage advice: “He said, ‘Don’t shy away from any of this. This is what creates the lifetime connection.’ I always have that in the back of my mind.”

Welcome Anton to The Company of Dads.