Ben Crowther

Let’s welcome Ben Crowther, an ex-pat Brit living in Greenwich, Conn, with his wife Lesley Crowther and two daughters.

Ben was a marketing director in London before his family moved for his wife’s job with Estee Lauder. He had just landed a dream marketing role at a real estate group but was up for the adventure and happy to support his wife’s career.

A few things didn’t go as planned – like getting his work permit in a timely manner. So, Ben embraced being a Lead Dad devoting all of his time to his family, something he had not been able to do when he and his wife were commuting into London for work.

At first, he was consumed by managing the family’s landing in Greenwich, a suburb of New York City. But as the wait for his visa dragged on, he turned a hobby into an actual business as a professional photographer (@benc_photography) His new career has taken off – and given him ownership of his time, too.

“It’s a real juggling act, but I’ve figured it out a bit,” he said. And it’s a far cry from the family’s previous life in the London suburbs where their nanny would show up and they would head to work.

“I walk them to school morning and afternoon,” he said. “Whether it’s raining or snowing, we’re walking them to school.”

He’s weathered some criticism from home. “Friends say, when are you going to get a proper job?” But Ben said he’s focused on what he’s doing now – and listens to friends and relatives who see the value of his new role.

“Others say, what an amazing time for the girls to have you there,” he said “You’re setting an example for the girls to show them that the dad doesn’t have to always work.”

Welcome, Ben!