Blair Wheeler

Blair Wheeler a father of two and a dog in Wilmington, N.C., is our Lead Dad of the Week.

By day, Blair is an account manager for a marketing company, and his wife works for a pharmaceutical company. Yet he has developed an influential side business as a golf creator and influencer geared toward modern fathers. (Check out his Golf Husband videos and newsletter.)

“A lot of buddy trips are going to golf in Scottsdale and go out to strip clubs,” said Blair who is also a @pxg ambassador. “I want to go to Pinehurst resort and play 36 holes a day. I’m thinking of ways to engage this community more.”

Wheeler, 33, is part of the growing number of Lead Dads who are fully engaged as fathers and husbands. “All of my friends who are dads are way more engaged with their kids, wives, what-have-you than any dads I remember growing up,” he said.

The key is communication around all things, including fun. His wife starts work early so he has the morning shift and gets their kids off to school. Most days, she picks them up in the afternoon while he keeps working. Tuesday is his day to play golf; Thursday is her day to play tennis. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for family days.

“Before this call I was folding laundry, so I don’t have to do it tonight,” he said.

It’s not always smooth. There’s external stress from work. And sometimes, in the excitement leading up to a much-anticipated golf trip, logistics don’t’ get conveyed: “Last year I had to go to Pinehurst on Saturday and Sunday. I forgot to tell her I had to get on a flight over the weekend.”

As Lead Dads, we’re not perfect, but we’re being open, trying hard, and owning our mistakes.

Welcome Blair to The Company of Dads!