Brent Surratt – Charlotte, N.C.

This week’s Lead Dad of the Week is Brent Surratt (@brentsurratt), father of four athlete kids and husband to a hospice nurse. He has some lessons for other Dads of athletes.

Brent lives in suburban Charlotte, N.C., with his wife Lisa and children Caleb (@calebsurratt1), who received a golf scholarship to the University of Tennessee (@univoftennessee) this year; Blake, a junior soccer player who switched to golf; Taylor, a travel softball catcher, and Bayleigh, who is the flyer on a cheer team.

We said Mom and Dad’s efforts are going to match your efforts,” he said. “If you’re going to the game, we’ll be there. If you’re committed to doing something extraordinary, then Mom and Dad will do something extraordinary. We want them to be self-motivated.”

“Who was I to say I’m tired? Here’s a kid trying his best. I’m not going to stand in the way.”

Money and time were not infinite. Working in real estate, Brent had to work weekends. He could take the kids to practice during the week, but his father Pop took Caleb to weekend golf tournaments.

Caleb recently signed a #NIL deal with Transcend Capital Advisors (@transcend_capital_advisors) in addition to support from @CallawayGolf and @Adidas, and the combination has helped cover costs.

“It’s been important for our kids not to let their sport define who they are,” he said. “The real learned lesson is how are the kids balanced and happy.”