Brian Anderson – Evanston, IL

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Introducing our Lead Dad of the Week, Brian Anderson!

Brian is the co-founder of Fathering Together (@FatheringTogether) and a father to his two daughters. 👧👧

Of his lead dad experiences, Brian says, “There are two moments that guide my work as a lead dad. The first comes from my own father. When I was a child, his work schedule meant he was home earlier than my mom, so he was always the one making dinner and helping with homework. So he created a template for me to follow.

The second came when I forgot my father’s life lesson. In early 2021, I was putting my daughter to bed and she turned away from me when I leaned in to kiss her goodnight. I asked her why and she said, “Dad, you run an organization to help dads be better dads, but you aren’t being a good dad to me.” By the end of the month, I had put in my notice and dedicated myself to being more emotionally and physically present to my family.

When I speak with dads who are beginning the journey, or faced a similar conversation with their kids as I did, I remind them of 2 things. First, I still make mistakes every day, but by building a foundation of trust and by being emotionally expressive, I’m role modeling healthy adulthood for my daughters. The second is that by stepping up and building a gender equitable home, our children will have our example as a baseline for their future relationships.”

🤝Welcome to the Company of Dads, Brian!