Cameron Chen – Bozeman, MT

Introducing Cameron Chen, our Lead Dad of the Week!⁠

Cameron lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he’s the Lead Dad to Amelia, 2, and his wife Megan who works in healthcare. For nearly a decade he was a mechanical design engineer at Boeing, which he loved. Problem was Boeing was a be-at-work company, which made balancing work and life a challenge. So he left.⁠

“I’m just a guy who had to make a lot of decisions with my wife to best plot our course around Covid and our careers,” he said of their 2021 move from Seattle to Bozeman – where his wife’s employer Lyn Health allowed her to work remotely.⁠

Around parenting he wrote a 300-page engineering book. And now he’s starting as an instructor in the engineering department at Montana State University in Bozeman.⁠

“The college was very willing to work with my limited hours and so I will just be teaching one class to start and building from there as Amelia goes to school more and more,” he said. “The class I’m teaching is a sophomore level intro to design class. It will be great fun to get back on campus since graduating in 2010 – and it’s a great opportunity to help students and sharpen my own skills.”⁠

Welcome, Cameron, to The Company of Dads!