Craig Kessler

Meet Craig Kessler, our Lead Dad of the Week!

Craig, a father of three boys, created The Dad Advice Project – a collection of practical and philosophical advice from men who loved being dads. Craig has had three boys in four years while also working a full-on, all-in job as the COO of Topgolf. So, he asked men he trusted for advice. The 42 responses included letters from Dads like George Tenant, the former CIA director, and Shawn Spieth – father of PGA great Jordan.

What did Craig learn? Two bits stood out. “More than anything else, kids need to feel psychologically safe – they will fail but they will rebound.”

“The second is love your spouse and make sure your kids see it.”

Craig, who now runs Buff City Soap, also learned to cut himself some slack. “If I can’t be present around my kids, I lean into whatever my mind is focused on,” he said. “And when I can be present with them, I make the most of it. But at the end of the day, I always make sure my kids know that I love them very much.”