Eric Morgan

Born and raised in New Orleans, Eric Morgan is our Lead Dad of the Week.

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, his family is The Krewe of Morgan. It’s his wife of two decades, daughter, 16, and triplet 13-year-old sons. Eric runs his own advertising and media agency so naturally his Krewe has their own logo!

His Krewe wouldn’t have come to be if not for him putting his wife before work early on. “I was working at an advertising firm that merged with another ad firm and they wanted my department to move to St Louis,” he recalled. “I was dating a girl who was from St. Louis. She said if you go to St. Louis, I’m not going. She’s now my wife.”

People often ask him about life with a daughter and triplet boys. “They ask, when do you get used to?” Eric said. “I say you never do. You get up and put your pants on and you just go.”

One thing he does for himself is attend monthly meetings with a group called Entrepreneurs Organization, or EO for short. “We’re very open and I can just lay things on the table to hear how others address similar challenges.” He and his wife are also part of a triplets group, where they’ve found a lot of support – and kid essentials in threes!

As a couple, they’ve long taken after-dinner walks with their dog to catch up. Nothing fancy. Just them, their dog and no kids. It’s a great way to connect – and plan for the week ahead.

Eric, Welcome to The Company of Dads!