Hey Lead Dads…You’re In Good Company Now

Hey Lead Dads,

Come in. Have a seat. Relax.

You’re in good company now. We’re all Lead Dads and we’re here to help. Really, you can let down your guard. We’re in this together.

The Company of Dads exists to bring us Lead Dads together. It’s a place to make friends, learn, share ideas and enjoy a community of dads just like you – dads who are managing children, supporting their partner and keeping work and home together. We’re the guys whose faces crinkl up when we read those stats about men not pulling their weight at home. With the community we’re creating, our plan is to have fun together, whether through sharing ideas, listening to each other’s stories or meeting up around the country. Golf anyone? (Just not on a Saturday morning…)

Are you a Lead Dad? Depends. We all approach this role differently.

Maybe you’re a full-time stay-at-home Dad. Well, you’re a Lead Dad now (as long as you promise us never to use the acronym SAHD again, like never, ever, ever again! Who thought SAHD was an empowering term? Fucking awful.)

Maybe you have a flexible schedule that allows you to take on the lead role with parenting, keeping shit straight at home and being there for your wife. Walk on in.

Or maybe you’re like I was for 13 years, working as a weekly business columnist at The New York Times. My schedule was hyper rigid – or as I called it, fake flexible. And that let me build the Lead Dad role around my career, since my wife’s schedule was far less predictable. You could work in medicine with set shifts. You could have a job where you can work earlier or later to accommodate your Lead Dad roles. That lack of flexibility can be a good thing for a Lead Dad: you know what you have to do and you can work everything else around that.

But of course, whatever kind of Lead Dad you are, life goes off the rails at the worst times. The community we’re building is here to offer tips and suggestions to get you through. So sign up, log in, and start sharing. You won’t feel alone any more.



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