Hobby and Fun

Friday is about fun. My fun, though, tends to mix serious and silly.

Today, I’m kicking off a video series called “Paul Putts” on our social media channels. The idea came to me while trying to relax between work calls and the 4 pm deadline when my middle daughter gets off the bus and walks, happily, into our house and up to my office. (It’s a great time each day; it just marks the end of sustained, uninterrupted work.)

Relaxing for me is playing golf and at home that means, rolling putt after putt on the Perfect Practice mat next to my desk. About 10 months ago, I got a new putter, an EvnRoll Armlock putter. It’s the fourth or fifth putter I’ve owned in 40 years of playing golf. If I’ve got a good rhythm going I could drain 10, 15 putts in a row, one after the other, until the next call started.

Now, I’m not such a putting wizard that I should be doing anything other than rolling putt after putt in preparation for spring. But I started wondering what else could I putt? I’m working from home these days, so the idea fit into a logical equation: Hobby + Stress ÷ Working from Home = Searching for Silly Things to Putt. (I’m pretty sure this is a formula that would impress even the late John Nash.)

While I’d be happy for any comments on my putting of stuff, I’d be happier still if you sent me videos of you doing whatever it is you do to make yourself laugh, have some fun and blow off steam in this #LeadDad world.

(I’m a firm believer that in golf, it’s the player not the equipment, but my EvnRoll putter has been awesome – my handicap went from 9 to 6 in one, short New England golf season. So if you’re so inclined, you can buy it here.)