Jeff Wickersham – Royersford, PA

Introducing Jeff Wickersham, our Lead Dad of the Week!

Jeff, who lives in Royersford, PA, worked for a decade at American Express, before leaving eight years ago to start his own training business. Throughout he has put being a Lead Dad first – even before he was his own boss.

“My entire journey as a father has been as a Lead Dad,” he said. “I could always take them to their doctors’ appointments.”

His wife, a teacher, had less flexibility. But even now that he’s running Morning Fire Coaching, he strives to balance the constant demands of being an entrepreneur with the occasional – but soul-feeding – interruptions from his sons, 12 and 14.

“I pride myself on leading by example,” he said. “Do you want to look back on being a dad and regret missing those opportunities to answer an email? Or do you want to pause for a second and say this is a micro-experience that I can have with my son or daughter because these times are not going to last forever? I’m going shoot hoops with my son and be there.” And most emails can be answered when kids don’t need you!

Welcome, Jeff, and check out his coaching business.