John Seaman – CT

John Seaman, our Lead Dad of the Week, came to fatherhood later in life – and he is determined to soak it all up. He has sons who are 6 and 8.

“I had no idea what to expect of parenthood,” said the only child. “I was more afraid than anything else.”

Ironically, he and his wife Jenny, a therapist, chose their town for the train schedules. Now neither commutes into the city. That hasn’t eliminated the juggle or the shuffle.

“The Lead Dad has to have a little more flexibility in what he does,” said Seaman, who has a Ph.D. in history and is the chief executive of Saybrook Partners, which creates detailed histories for companies and families. “My wife’s schedule is more fixed. She can see patients 11-4 or 12-5. My work is more project based. With the exception of client travel, I can go meet the bus or go to guitar lessons.”

He also feels that he fits well into his Fairfield County community – but friend selection has played a big part in that. “None of my friends are testosterone-fueled dads beating their chests,” he joked. “I’ve been to a few dinner parties where people look askance at the obligations of parenting and long for the glory days of their youth. But that’s not us.”

It also gives him more time to teach his sons the wonders of European soccer! Welcome, John!