Josh Crandall

Josh Crandall, an entrepreneur, husband, and father of two, is our Lead Dad of the Week.

Josh Crandall began his career on Wall Street and later moved into executive search, opening his own firm. He met his wife, a partner at Goldman Sachs, when they were both in their 30s, and their careers were established.

It wasn’t having kids so much as it was Covid changing where they lived that prompted Josh to become a Lead Dad. In the midst of the pandemic, they left New York City to move to the Connecticut suburbs.

“We realized as a Lead Dad I could do the things that would otherwise be tough with two parents taking the train into the city every day,” he said. “I enjoy it. It wasn’t bad for me to do. It clicked for our family. But I’m not sure it’s always easy.”

Their son is 10 and their daughter is 6. And Josh is open that this was not a role he imagined growing up when his mother stayed home. “I’m incredibly proud of the example my wife is setting for our daughter and our son by being in such a high-profile role.”

Being the go-to parent around school and activities has led to a business opportunity for Josh: it showed him a huge need in youth athletics, which he’s filling with a sports community built around training and sharing content safely.

It’s called Athes ( and uses AI to put content created by top sports trainers into a more usable form for young athletes. He’s done so in a way that doesn’t track any of the young users’ information.

“Our app keeps it moderated and content controlled,” he said. “You can search for lacrosse. Or you can say I get anxiety before a football game, and it’ll bring in our mental coaches. We have control over what they see.”

Welcome, Josh, to The Company of Dads, and thank you for tackling a need in the youth sports world.

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