Kevin Brennan – Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome Kevin Brennan, our Lead Dad of the Week, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife Leela and their two boys, Alec, 14, and Wesley, 4.

They moved there in 2008, after The Great Recession shuttered the resorts where they were working in Sedona. It was the year their older son was born, and life was a juggle: Leela worked days, Kevin at night. But they figured it out. .

By 2014, Leela was working closely with Bob Parsons, who had founded GoDaddy, on his other investments, like PXG, the golf brand. She was traveling a lot, and Kevin stepped forward to be a Lead Dad and devote his time to their family.

Eight years on, parents still call his wife first, which is tough. “She texts them back and says let me ask Kevin,” he said. “I’m at the games and the practices. I’m not sure if it’s my size that scares them, but I’m a pretty friendly guy. It’s just a little bit harder for a Lead Dad to jump in with all the moms.”

It’s not uncommon. But he’s got a tip for every Lead Dad who has struggled to be accepted: surround yourself with Dads who appreciate what you do, whether they’re Lead Dads or not.

“My friend Dave – he works in marketing for a furniture company – he’s never thought of me as lazy for staying home with the kids,” Kevin said. “He always asks me, How are the kids and the house? He talks to me like it’s a good thing that I’m home taking care of the kids. It’s not easy. I don’t think a lot of dads want to talk about doing laundry and keeping the house clean and paying bills. I’ll talk about laundry. I don’t care.”

Welcome Kevin. That’s an inspiring thought for all Lead Dads.