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Teaching Children About Traditions and Legacy

Traditions can guide the family ship. They are something we can look forward to sharing, or something that brings back good memories…

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Top Reads for Dads

As fathers, we understand the importance of seeking knowledge and insights to help us gain confidence and wisdom on our journey through…

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How Much of Your Kids’ Summer Should Be Spent Outside?

With summer plans in the works, here’s a key question: How much time should your kids spend outside?When summer comes and the weather…

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How Single Dads Manage Custody Schedules

The Rise of Single Fatherhood: In the modern landscape of parenting, traditional roles and responsibilities within families have evolved…

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A Map to Morning Routine Chaos

There are two certainties when it comes to a morning routine with kids: They’re always a little chaotic, and they’re always changing…

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How to Raise Globally Aware Children

Globally aware children learn to appreciate the differences between cultures and understand their place in the world as global citizens…

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Practical Strategies To Teach Basic Values in Children

What greater joy than a child’s face as she opens a gift? Think of a child who gets the toy he has long wanted – and hinted about…

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Tips for Dads: Child Sleep Regressions

Sleep training a child goes something like this; You begin with a few nights of restlessness constantly up and down tending to your child…

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Techniques to Help Kids Manage Stress

Stress affects us all, including our kids. However, they don’t possess the emotional intelligence, understanding and vocabulary to express…

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How to Support Your Kids’ Interests & Hobbies (Without Driving Them Nuts)

Encouraging children to explore and develop their interests is a crucial aspect of parenting. Despite their good intentions, some parents…

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Teenage Heartbreak: Essential Advice for Fathers

That first heartbreak of our teen years may be decades behind us, but most of us can remember what it felt like. A flash flood of hurt…

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Are Attitudes Shifting towards Fathers at the Playground?

When it comes to parental involvement, playgrounds and playdates are typically thought about as more of a “mom” thing. Moms have…

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