Dear Moms: A Letter to Stay-at-home Moms From Lead Dads

Dear Stay-at-Home Moms,


We come in peace.

We are Lead Dads.

We mean no harm. We are here to work together.

Our goals are the same.

We want to raise good kids and contribute to our community. We want to support our spouses. We’d like to eat peacefully with our children sitting angelically at the table, though we know their better angels do not always emerge at meal time.

Many of us also balance jobs. We want to work with you. And to be clear: we’re not flirting. We love our partners. But we may well be distracted and that’s what you’re seeing.

Like you, we’re corralling kids, wiping tushys, organizing all kinds of thankless logistics, answering work calls on the sly, and being there for our spouses.

We can agree on this: it’s about kids and spouse, family, community. All good, right? You can talk to us at the park. Or at least watch our kids while we check some sports scores on our phone? Nothing weird there, right?


Peace out,

Lead Dads

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