Managing Screen Time

The reality is, screens are everywhere—our TVs, phones, computers, tablets etc. We know screen time use is dependent on age for a lot of parents, but we asked dads to weigh in on how they manage screen time for the kids, if they allow it at all.

Here’s what they had to say:

  • For toddlers, keep the screen time to a minimum, 15-minute increments and only educational videos. We hear Ms. Rachel is the hot ticket on YouTube these days.
  • If your children are at the age they do chores, make them earn their screen time like they would an allowance. Chores get done around your house, the value of hard work is learned—win-win.
  • Use screen time to explore the world. Many dads reported that they use YouTube and other sites to “travel” and teach their kids about places all over the globe. You’re bonding with your child, learning, and monitoring what they’re viewing at the same time.
  • Create a schedule. Maybe there’s no screen time during the week but you watch a movie or cartoons together on the weekend. A show or a movie is special – unlike binge screening!
  • Every parent likes to eat in peace, but please, please, please try to avoid screens at the dinner table. This is when kids get to share stories of their day – and get to ask questions of their parents!
  • Whatever your policy, turn off the screens at least an hour before bedtime. That will help them to get to sleep more easily.

Like anything in life, find the balance. Whether your little one is 1 or 11, screen time will look different for every family.

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