Welcome to another enlightening episode of “The Sean Trace Show,” where I, Sean Trace, explore the fabric of modern life and what it means to be a father today. In this episode, I’m joined by Paul Sullivan, the visionary behind the company of dads, an organization that’s empowering fathers to take on primary caregiving roles.

As a father and an educator of 20 years, I’ve often wondered about the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding fathers who actively engage in parenting. Paul and I dive into this subject, sharing our personal experiences, discussing the cultural expectations, and unraveling the truth about lead dads.

We explore the idea of the “care shift,” a revolutionary way to balance work and parenting, the portrayal of fathers in the media, and the profound joy that comes from consciously shaping our children’s paths. Paul even shares the story of a former NFL player who’s embracing his role as a lead dad.

This episode is not just for dads, but for anyone who cares about family, gender roles, and personal fulfillment. So join me on this engaging journey as we redefine fatherhood, challenge societal norms, and embrace a new era of parenting. It’s about empowering our children and ourselves. It’s about being actively engaged and conscious in our parenting process.

Tune in to “The Sean Trace Show” today and be part of the conversation that’s reshaping what it means to be a father in today’s world.