Michelangelo Sosnowtiz – Stamford, CT

Michelangelo Sosnowitz – 2023’s first Lead Dad of the Week!

Michelangelo, who composes music for movies and commercials, was a pandemic exile from New York City, settling in Stamford, Conn., with his wife Hillary and two children: Leela, 8, and Julian, 6.

He admits that he had a very different version of fatherhood before he became a dad. “I wanted to be a Dad like an NBA player is a dad – traveling all around but then playing video games on a Saturday. Just the fun stuff,” he laughs. ‘That wasn’t really the case.”

Their careers dictated who would be the lead parent. She works 10 to 11 hours a day as a planner for the Ashley Stewart clothing line, while he is able to compose on his own schedule.

Remote work has helped. Two days a week his wife goes to the office and is gone for 14 hours, while Michelangelo has scored two films without ever meeting the director. “Before the pandemic, I did a lot of work with editors in New York where I would sit there with them,” he said. “It’s a little bit different now, but the work comes out the same.”

As for the financial disparity between their careers, they’re honest about it. “She brings home the bacon. And I bring home bacon bits, bacon chunks, and then every so often a big slab of bacon.”

But he knows that his wife values his work as a Lead Dad – as in actually assigns a value to it. “Some years I only pull in bacon bits, but she always weighs in the cost of childcare as part of my financial contribution.”

Welcome Michelangelo as we kick off 2023!