Navigating Middle School Dynamics

Think back to middle school…if you’re having trouble accessing those memories, chances are you’ve repressed them like the rest of us. Middle school is tough. You come in as a kid and leave as a teen.

To help you – and us – we asked our dad community to weigh in on how they parent during these turbulent times.

Here are the Top 5 Lessons:

  1. Making friends is hard. Share stories about your middle school years and let them know they aren’t alone.
  2. Show your support. After a tough day, ask them “Do you want advice or comfort?”. More often than not they’re just looking for a shoulder.
  3. Explore new interests. The middle school years are a great time to try new things: band, choir, yearbook, sports, etc. Let them try it all! New interests can also help reduce stress and anxious feelings while connecting them to new friends.
  4. Share hobbies. Sharing hobbies outside of school gives you the time to bond, listen, and provide consistency and security to your child.
  5. Give grace. We all remember changing emotionally and physically in middle school. Give your child grace as they navigate complex emotions and changes.

We’ll leave you with a quote submitted to us by a long-time middle school teacher and parent:

“Be like a seawall at the shore. Some days the sea will be calm and other days you will be constantly battered, but you will be strong and firmly anchored. Be the wall that is always there for them to throw themselves against, until the sea calms again.”

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