Nicholaos Papadopoulos

“What’s important to me as a Dad is relating to my kids as my teachers,” said Coach Nick, a divorced father of a daughter and two sons in New York City, who is our Lead Dad of the Week. “They’ve been placed on my journey for a reason. That requires me to be open to the possibility that I may be wrong.”

Coach Nick, a.k.a. Nicholaos Papadopoulos, is a learning and talent specialist who also works with men on being more authentic versions of themselves. He leads from personal experience, as the son of immigrants who ran their home in a very traditional way.

“What’s been important is loosening the grip on expectations,” he said. “I’m first generation from Greece. It’s more important to do away with all of it and start over. I have this expression I use a lot: It’s all made up.”

And that he says has been key with his children. They’ve been able to make up their roles together. He credits being divorced when his sons were young. “I’m a better more effective father since getting divorced, and then finding my new partner and creating a different world with her,” he said, remembering his former life traveling almost every week. “When I was married, I wasn’t as proactive as I am now. I wasn’t as engaged and present.”

He’s taking what he learned to a public workshop in New York City on Jan 27 and 28 . The goal “is to reveal the blind spots and show you how you’re showing up as a man, a boss, a partner, as a community member. It’s about putting the mirror up that this is how you’re showing up.”

Coach Nick is offering a discount code to The Company of Dads community (FRIENDSFAM) for his upcoming New York workshop.

Welcome, Nick, to The Company of Dads.