Nick Morton – Los Angeles, CA

Nick Morton is our Lead Dad of the Week. And he’s been at the role with gusto since his daughter was born 15 years ago. (His son came along two years later.)

A comedian and writer in Los Angeles, Nick is married to an Emmy Award-winning costume designer. While his own career has been fulfilling, it’s been more manageable from a schedule perspective than his wife’s life, which is tied to all-consuming film schedules. Lead Dad was a role that naturally suited him.

It began gradually, with him needing less sleep when their children were younger. But as he started to cook for his children that changed the dynamic. “That made me the caregiver in a way,” he said. “It’s just so basic – Dad’s going to feed us. My hours are also more flexible, so I’d be home to do the bedtime ritual.”

Nick has found success as a stand-up comedian, a film executive and most recently a writer and co-creator of the AMC show “Cooper’s Bar,” about struggling actors looking for a big break in a tiki bar.

“The thing that surprised me a lot about being a parent and particularly a Lead Dad in L.A. was how much joy I found in the community,” he said. “I got to meet and become emotionally invested in so many people’s lives and I enjoyed that so much.”

The Lead Dad role has not been without sacrifices. “When you’re out in the world and talking to another dad and he says, ‘Let’s go to Vegas this weekend to play golf’. I’m like, Dude if I go to Vegas this weekend my kids will die.”