Podcast Episode 45 Tile

A Savvy Pig’s Lessons on Kids and Money

Interview with Michael Beacham / Co-Founder of Money Savvy Generation

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

Inflation may be tough on the family budget but it’s a remarkable time to talk to your kids about money. Take the grocery bill and show your kids how much basic necessities cost today versus last year, says Michael Beacham, president of Money Savvy Generation – a financial education firm for children founded by his wife Susan. He and his wife are the creators of the popular and pragmatic Money Savvy Pig – a porcine savings bank divided into four compartments: Save, Spend, Invest and Donate. Listen for tips on good money values for children and ways to raise financially literate and independent adults. Added benefit – the caps on the hooves are hard to open so they make impulse withdrawals tough.