Podcast Episode 42 Tile

How To Train a Dad for Work and Home

Interview with Ian Dinwiddy / Corporate Coach and Founder of Inspiring Dads

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

Businesses are starting to emphasize parental leave for fathers as well as mothers. No complaints there – as long as the corporate culture makes men feel that taking leave won’t be a penalty. But what many companies are not doing is helping fathers (and mothers) reenter the workforce and thrive in a world that’s different from what it was before kids. It’s something Ian Dinwiddy knows well. He was a management consultant until he had children. His wife, a senior lawyer in London, had less flexibility than he did, so Ian became the Lead Dad. But as the years went on, he realized his skills as a consultant could be used to work with companies and their new fathers to adjust to a new mix of life and work. Listen to Ian talk about how he helps Dads be their best at home and work.