Podcast Episode 72 Tile

How Two Baseball Dads United for Men’s Mental Health

Interview with Shawn Lesser and Brent Herd / Men's Mental Health Advocates

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

Shawn and Brent are fathers who have had professional success and family success. But like many men, they’ve also had mental health struggles. Brent’s came first. Shawn, who was bringing together investors in some of the nicest places in America, had his crisis last year. When it happened, Shawn’s wife reach out to Brent. They’d been youth baseball buddies but that light friendship was enough for Brent to help Shawn through a dark period. From that experience of openness and caring came the creation of The Real, a mental health advocacy group aimed at fathers who are suffering. Listen to how they plan to remove the stigma around getting treatment and help Dads get the help they need.