Ryan Peffer

A professional golfer, and Lead Dad in Breton Woods, N.H., is our Lead Dad of the Week.

He was the long-time assistant coach of the Boston College golf team. His wife Suzy, a great college athlete in her own right, works at State Street Global Advisors. During the pandemic, when she was pregnant, they left their apartment in Boston and moved to their vacation home near Mt. Washington where their son was born.

“We didn’t want to raise our kids in the city,” Ryan said. “It was too complicated.”

That worked fine for the pandemic, but then companies started calling people back to the office. His wife got lucky: she worked for a company that allowed a hybrid work model. “She goes back to Boston one day a week,” he said. “It’s about a three-hour drive one way but it’s worth it.”

And then she was promoted to managing director, proving what shouldn’t need to be proved but does: great employees can work at the highest level in a hybrid model.

Ryan, who has been a professional golfer and college coach for two decades, resigned from his job at B.C. And at least for now, he’s a Lead Dad who devotes all of his time to his family – with a twist.

Winston, closing in on a year old, is his golf partner. “I’m playing five rounds a week and at least four he’s with me,” he said. “I’ll put the car seat in the cart and he’s good for 6 to 10 holes. After that, I have to carry him around. He enjoys being out there.”

(One of our Lead Dads spotted this duo on the course and alerted us to what would be many dads’ dream situation.)

“I’m getting used to the constant distraction,” Ryan said. “Every time he squeals or crawls over to me it’s going to be that much easier when I’m in an event.”

Welcome, Ryan, to The Company of Dads – and enjoy your rounds with Winston!