Scott Scheffler

In celebration of Masters Week, Scott Scheffler, father of the reigning champion @scottie.scheffler, is our Lead Dad of the Week.

Scott and his wife @diane.scheffler were living in New Jersey when her law firm job took the family to Dallas, Texas, after the September 11 attacks on New York City. There – not unlike many law firm spouses – Scott became a Lead Dad who devoted all of this time to his family.

His wife was the chief operating officer of a law firm, working the long hours that these firms expected in the pre-Covid days. They had four kids – Scottie has three sisters – and Scott took over at home to support his wife in her career.

“It’s just what you do as a father for your children,” Scott told the Associated Press last year. “You do for your kids. I’ve done for all of them. They’ve given us great joy. But Scott’s the one who’s done all the hard work, not me. I just raised ’em.”

Being a Lead Dad in the 2000s was surely a challenge, but Scott wears his Lead Dad badge lightly. As he said, it’s just what you do.

Still, 20 years later, he still faces slights in the sports world, like the Golf Channel Masters coverage on Tuesday night. Rich Lernergc, a long-time commentator, solemnly ended a piece on Scottie Scheffler by noting that his dad Scott was “Mr. Mom” – in the gravitas voice Lerner would use to say, “past champion”. Please be better Rich – it’s 2023! (FYI – we also call them the forward tees – not the ladies tees!)

Welcome, Scott, to The Company of Dads as our Masters Lead Dad of the Week! We’re here to support and celebrate what you did.