Steve Aguirre

Welcome, Steve Aguirre, our Lead Dad of the Week, from Cincinnati, Ohio. We caught up with Steve not long after his second child was born – with those fresh feelings of being thrust into something completely different from having just one!

“I thought I already have one kid, so how can two be that difficult?”

(Note: We’re here to support all Lead Dads, so we will refrain from making fun of him for this! We were there once too.)

“Now I know what ‘man-to-man defense’ means. It is real!,” he said. “It’s been amazing to spend more time with our daughter, but it can be challenging at times, while also running a business. Also, as a married couple, not having much time together has been tough, so we try to be more intentional.”

His wife is a pediatrician and assistant professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which is what drew the couple from Chicago, where they had moved for her fellowship.

More of a Big City Guy, Aguirre took a chance on a smaller city. Covid made it easier for him to run his company (from anywhere) – Real Fun Growth, a global leadership consultancy re-imagining the corporate learning experience. If you have ever been to a dry, boring training session or one that doesn’t feel like a great use of your time, his company is solving that challenge.

However, he was also worried about meeting a group of friends in Cincinnati. “We found an incredible support system through the hospital,” he said. “I met a guy named Nick, a neighbor, and he asked if I liked burgers. I said, ‘I like burgers. Let’s start a burger club.'”

Thus, The Cincy Burger Club was born, complete with t-shirts and camaraderie among its burger-loving members. Steve says that even though the first month was really tough, they have settled in as a family and love having two children. He wouldn’t change it for all the burgers in the world!

Congratulations to Steve for being our Lead Dad of the Week – and our first burger connoisseur!

Check out his family page @aguirrefunfamily!