Teaching Life Lessons in the Kitchen

The kitchen is more than a place to cook; it’s a space for learning, thinking creatively, and being together as a family. Involving kids in the kitchen can teach them essential life skills and responsibility, while creating memories and bonding moments in the process.

We went to our culinary experts within The Company of Dads to see what they had to say about getting their kids involved in the kitchen. Here are some of the tips they shared:

Selecting Recipes and Planning Meals:
Encourage your kids to take an active role in meal planning. Let them choose a recipe they find interesting or a dish they love. Give them a sense of ownership and excitement as they explore possibilities. They can scour cookbooks or reliable websites, which not only improves their reading skills but will introduce them to a variety of cuisines and ingredients.

Being Age-Appropriate In Tasks Leads to Success:
Tailor the kitchen activities to their age and skill level. This increases the likelihood of success – and positive memories. You can let younger kids wash fruits and vegetables and mix ingredients in a bowl. Gradually you can move them into measuring and supervised cutting as they get older. This will build confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Ensuring Kitchen Safety:
Plan ahead for safety. There are many different supplies and resources that can help your child in their experience with cooking. Invest in cut-proof gloves, small cooking stands, and recipe books for kids to get them started. Even a subscription to a meal service like HelloFresh might be a good starting point as they learn measurements and cooking processes. You want your kid to learn, but also keep it safe and easy so they’ll want to come back.

Exploring Flavors and Ingredients:
Some kids like variety, but many kids like simple “cheeseburger and chicken nugget” menus. However, kids expand their pallets if they are hands on in the kitchen. They are far more likely to eat something that they helped make. Encourage your kids to smell and taste various herbs and spices. Teach them about the role each plays in enhancing dishes. Explore different flavors and ingredients. Let them get hands-on with diverse textures. Simply put, if you’re having a hard time getting them to eat, let them cook with you.

Preparing Meals Creativity:
Start out simple. Let your kids experiment with arranging fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients in an appealing way on the plate. Talk about how the way a meal looks can affect how it tastes, and let them use their imagination to create their masterpiece. They will find their rhythm and feel like they can be creative in the process.

Celebrating Achievements and Enjoying Meals Together:
Always celebrate the meal together as a family. Talk about the cooking process and ask for their thoughts on the dish. Did it turn out like they thought? Would they do something different the next time? This will boost their confidence and sense of accomplishment. They will look forward to the next time they can get in the kitchen with you!

Remember the most important ingredient for cooking with kids is fun!

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