Terry Brenan – Westfield, NJ

Introducing Terry Brenan, our Lead Dad of the Week, from Westfield, NJ.

He’s a Lead Dad to his twin daughters, aged 10, and wife Megan, who for years commuted into New York City. In keeping with the spirit of the week, Terry is grateful to be a Lead Dad. But, like sitting around at Thanksgiving dinner, he’s honest that it’s not all been easy to get through.

“TV tries to make it look peachy, but it’s not all that way,” he said. “The worst years were the early years. I wasn’t allowed into groups like Mothers of Multiples. I found it a little insulting.” “I can see the humor and irony in it now,” said Terry, a consultant and writer. “And I want to make other Lead Dads feel that they’re not alone.”

When life felt isolating – yes, the moms he met still called his wife, even though she was an hour away – he fell back on gratitude. “My joy was through the roof. Before having kids, if I told you I was terrible with kids I can’t emphasize that enough.

Now that they were my kids I realized I was really comfortable with them. It’s been the best years of my life.” Thanks, Terry for being honest – and still relishing the good parts of being a Lead Dad!