Top 10 Educational Resources for Young Kids

Consuming media is the norm for kids growing up today. Kids as young as first grade get Chromebooks assigned to them in elementary school. But most parents would agree that even though technology is very much a part of our kids’ lives, we would prefer for most of their consumption to be educational. How many Taylor Swift fan apps does one child need?

We gave our scholarly Dad community the homework of coming up with the best educational resources for kids ages 0-10. Here are the top 10 answers:

1. Super Simple Play with Caitie. She’s bright, fun, and full of songs/crafts/and much more for kids.
2. Ms. Rachel. Look we all love Ms. Rachel—she’s warm, kind, empathetic and fun. But we also love her because her content is all of those things plus it’s educational!
3. Number Blocks. It’s a fun and silly show that teaches your little ones that math doesn’t have to be so serious. There will be plenty of time for the Pythagorean theorem later.
4. ABC Mouse. This one is subscription based but it does give your kids more of a classroom feel while still maintaining that learning is fun. There are multiple subjects and methods of learning.
5. Brain Child. This is a fun show about all things science and how it relates to the world. This is definitely for kids on the older end of the age group (and beyond).
6. PBS Kids. PBS is a classic for a reason—they’re a great educational resource full of shows, games, craft ideas, and more!
7. Nat Geo Kids. This is a great resource for the little animal lovers in your life. It also comes in two age subscription levels!
8. Vroom. This app utilizes 5 actions to help introduce brain-building into everyday moments with our children.
9. National Gallery of Art. A lot of us have little artists in our lives and finding resources for them can be harder to come by. The NGA offers free learning resources and programs for kids (and adults) of all ages.
10. The Kids’ Table. This is a great weekly virtual cooking class for kids or teens that foster that love of cooking while teaching responsibility in the kitchen.

We might be biased, but we definitely think our Dad community deserves an A+ for their contributions this week.

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