Tyler Horn – Sarasota, FL

Introducing Tyler Horn, our Lead Dad of the Week!

Tyler and his wife Ashlee have two children, ages 6 and 4. They met at the University of Miami where they were both D1 athletes — she on the soccer team and he on the football team.

After college, he tried out for several NFL (@NFL teams), making the 90-man rosters, while his wife went straight into technology sales.

Today they live in Sarasota, Florida. Tyler is an adviser and senior director at Facet Wealth, a new financial services company, while his wife is senior vice president at tech company, where she’s responsible for a team working across many time zones.

What’s Tyler’s key to being a Lead Dad while having a good career himself and supporting his wife’s aspirations? A progressive employer like Facet, which understands that work in 2022 is different than it was in 2019, certainly helps. But a lot of it comes down to something any Lead Dad can adopt: a color-coded calendar where his wife and his team can see his day and he their days.

Honesty also helps. His colleagues know that he’ll be joining the Monday Leadership Meeting from the school pickup line. But they also know if a work crisis happens Ashlee can fill in – or his colleagues will understand Zoom from the car.

“We are so incredibly aligned with what we want for our family,” he said. “If there’s an issue we’re not going to just bury it. We’re going to talk through it even if that leads to more contention until that leads to a resolution.”

🤝 Welcome to The Company of Dads, Tyler!