Why You Should Prepare Your Summer Plans Early

Growing up, my dad always said traveling is its own form of education. “There’s no better way to experience the world,” he would say. I suppose that’s why I never skimped on summer vacations for as long as I can remember.

Of course, things are a bit different now that I’m a dad. I still love to travel, but now, I have to figure out the best summer experience for my family. There’s much to consider, hence the need to plan early and comprehensively. Here’s why you should prepare your summer travel schedule as soon as possible.

Craft the Perfect Itinerary

Planning your summer travel itinerary takes time. Sometimes, you’re torn between traveling somewhere new or a more familiar destination. In some cases, you find the perfect location, but the costs cause doubt. Maybe your travel promo is only available within a fixed period, so you have to shuffle things to free up your schedule.

You need to give yourself the necessary time to plan these things. Getting an early start lets you figure out what you really want out of your summer experience. It also helps you better prepare better for your trip’s unique requirements. For example, experts recommend getting a notarized letter from your spouse for solo-parent travels.

More Fun Activities Available

As the summer months approach, travel destinations sell out of event tickets fast. Booking your holidays ahead means you’ll have more options and it’ll be easier to find what you want. If you’re traveling with family or friends, you’re also more likely to find dates that are convenient for everyone.

Cheaper Everything

Planning a summer vacation early makes you more likely to find cheaper flights and accommodation. You might even be able to snag a couple of upgrades so you can travel with a bit of luxury. Events are also likely cheaper if you book them way in advance. It’s an excellent way to save money.

Strengthen Relationships

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to enhance quality time with your loved one. Planning your trips early on provides a unique bonding chance as you discuss potential destinations, transport modes, duration and more. Travel plans are infinitely better when all parties have a say, so making time available to get everyone’s input is just the practical thing to do.

Easier Time Off Requests

Summer is peak travel season in the U.S. Everyone has plans, so you’ll want to make sure you request time off much earlier. Your manager is more likely to approve your leave when they’ve had ample time to work out the schedule. Preparing your vacation plans a few months ahead also lets you lock in certain popular dates — like the Fourth of July or Labor Day weekend — before anyone else requests them.

No Rushed Packing

Packing can be particularly nerve-wracking — 65% of American travelers say it’s the second-most stressful part of travel, after airport security. Most of the time, this stress comes from leaving it for the last minute. By starting your planning early, you won’t have to worry about this scenario at all.
I know what it feels like to pack mere minutes before taking off for a road trip. There’s so much going through your mind at the time that you’re likely to forget certain important things. However, I also know the feeling of looking at my packed luggage weeks before the travel date. Giving yourself time to pack is always best.

Actually Enjoy the Vacation

Knowing your summer plans are already set and all the details are taken care of gives you peace of mind. For example, you’re not constantly worrying about changing airfare prices because you already booked months prior. That calming confidence is essential for enjoying your vacation.

It’s Never Too Early to Begin Planning for Summer

The warm months are almost here. Now’s a good time to review your summer plans and work out how to make them happen.

Jack Shaw is the senior lifestyle writer at Modded with and a single father with a special interest in navigating the ins and outs of being a parent. As fathers, the work we put in isn’t always recognized, but it’s absolutely essential to the health and well-being of our children. You can find more of Jack’s work in publications like Tiny Buddha, Daddy’s Digest, Simply Family Magazine and more.