Will Your Friends Understand Why You’re a Lead Dad?

Dave Andrews, the subject of this week’s Company of Dads podcast, once flew Can Force One with the Canadian prime minister on board. He flew the Boeing 737-Max around the world for Air Canada.

When he gave up the romantic life of a pilot for the duty of a Lead Dad, his pilot friends didn’t really understand why he was changing careers. How could he quit flying? The travel to exotic locales – that was exciting stuff. Pilots were gone up to 20 days a month. The fun, the camaraderie, the time doing what so few people in the world could do – fly a jet filled with people through all types of weather and land it safely. What was he going to do now?

He got a different job in aviation, but he really made the shift for his family. “I’ve defined myself as a pilot since I left university,” he said. “Shifting away from purely defining myself by my profession was a challenge. I struggle and still struggle with that.”

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You can also listen to Dave speak more about friendship, flying and fatherhood on EP 4 of The Company of Dads podcast.