The Worst Mistake Lead Dads Can Make

And The Simple Reminder to Prevent Us from Doing It

Mistakes, I’ve made a few – at home, at work, with my wife, my kids. Lead Dad doesn’t equal perfect dad.

I’m coming off a mistake in hiring people to help me get The Company of Dads started. It’s not worth going into the details, and it could easily be dismissed as growing pains. At least that’s what my wife and friends have been telling me.

But the more I think about it the more I realize my mistake was something I did. What was that? I didn’t trust my network. I second-guessed myself and didn’t leverage my personal and professional network like I would have for almost anything else, from help with work to a tip on an activity with my daughters to what beer to buy on a chilly Saturday.

As Lead Dads, we have networks, and we need to use them. We have them at work, in our community, and among our friends. We may not always think of those people as part of our network – it may sound too corporate or callous. But those networks are there, and they’re important to live life with as few preventable mistakes as possible.

The goal over the next year is to grow The Company of Dads into a network that can support Lead Dads like us, that can be a resource for the questions and concerns we have as well as a place to celebrate victories and share our Lead Dad knowledge.

But it’s not going to be a straight path. I’d like to hear how you network with other Dads. Please email me at