Hello Working Moms: A Letter To Working Moms From Lead Dads

​Hello Working Moms,


We’re here to help.

I’ll keep it brief because I know you’re busy.

We’re Lead Dads.

We love and support you and your career. While many of us have jobs of our own, we believe in working as a team when it comes to parenting, managing our kids’ schedules and dealing with all the necessary (albeit time-killing and freaking annoying) tasks at home.

We’re not going to expect you to do all the parenting and household chores when you get home from work. We’ll do it – or at least split it with you.

We’re also here to help Dads who might be leading less than they could. We can help. Taking a non-Lead Dad from doing very little to half – or at least a third – of the stuff around the house is better than what it is now. And also it’s a relief. As we say at The Company of Dads, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

So, please send us your Lead Dads – and Dads with potential. We’re here to make family life better.

Now, get take some time for yourself.

Lead Dads

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