Jimmy Moock – Ardmore, PA

🙋‍♂️Introducing Jimmy Moock, our #LeadDad of the Week for the #FathersDay weekend!

Jimmy, who lives outside of Philadelphia, Pa., is a single #LeadDad to three girls – Cassidy, 26; Olivia, 9; and Daphne, 7.

Jimmy, a partner in PR firm StreetCred, embraces the LeadDad role, but says he’s been helped by the new way people can work. “I missed so much because of old expectations pre-Covid that we had to be in the office.”

🍳He’s got cooking down and the morning routine. “If you’re not on your game in the morning, you could be screwed,” he said.

💇‍♀️He’s got workarounds for girl hair: “One thing I never learned how to do is braid hair. I’m great at ponytails. And I’m great at matching a scrunchie to some part of an outfit. But I’m no good at braids.”

🧺The bane of his existence is laundry. One hack: instead of trying to figure out which piece of clothing belongs to which girl, he washes half of his own clothes with one girl’s cloths and half with the other. Of course, there’s always the problem of the light colors.

🍅“Kids should be banned from wearing white!” Jimmy says. “Whether it’s the tomato sauce or playing with slime or painting, or those markers that say they’re stain proof and they’ll wash right out, I don’t believe it. Something always sticks!”

👔Happy #FathersDay to Jimmy and all the #LeadDads making it work.

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