Kids and Money

Welcome to the first Finance edition of Paul’s Picks. Don’t worry – no tests, no shame. This day is devoted to how we Lead Dads can work with our spouse and kids to make better financial decisions today and in the future.

It’s not going to be prescriptive because I don’t like prescriptive pieces myself. But I’m going to aim for it to be informative.

The first Paul’s Pick for finance was an easy one. For the majority of my 25-year career as a journalist, I wrote about money in some shape or form. I got to know a lot of the other money writers in New York. In 2008, I met Ron Lieber when we both began writing columns for The New York Times. He was my boss then but became a friend.

Writers don’t often admit that another writer knows more about a subject than they do, but when it comes to kids and money – a topic that keeps so many parents awake at night – Ron knows more than me and pretty much everyone else.

I remember having lunch with him when he was puzzling out the book that became The Opposite of Spoiled. It’s my go-to recommendation for every parent wrestling with how to have that other important conversation with their children. Click here to purchase.