Lead Dad Lessons

Learn Them, Teach Them.

Lesson 1 – Know When to Pivot: We kicked off the week with Tyler Horn who learned a lot from being cut from the practice squads of three NFL teams. The lesson he carried into his 30s is gratefulness for changing careers when he did. Today Horn is a financial adviser with a successful wife and two kids. “I’m a senior director at Facet Wealth, but I’m a Lead Dad,” Horn said. “My wife and I are a great team so it works.” Read the rest here.

Lesson 2 – Show Don’t Tell: We spent more time with Steve Israel, talking about lessons Lead Dads can impart on their children. The No. 1 takeaway is to be present as much as you can. “It’s about your actions,” he said. “You have to show your kids what you’re all about.” More here.

Lesson 3 – Don’t Forget the Good Covid Hacks: We reminisced about the allure of Zoom with friends in the early days of Covid. Remember when it seemed like fun to mix up a drink and chat with old friends on Zoom? It got us reconnected. Let’s not lose that. Some thoughts here.

Lesson 4 – Bad Money News = Kid Learning Opportunity: Inflation has become an expletive. But like rain and snow it’s beyond our control. Instead of cursing, use it as a way to teach kids about the difference between needs and wants – since not every item in the grocery store has inflated in price beyond your means. Some lessons to share.

Lesson 5 – Remember to Have Fun: We kicked off a silly series with a putter and some objects that aren’t golf balls. But the deeper lesson is we need to do silly (but harmless) things to blow off steam as Lead Dads. Enjoy it.