Omari Vessup

Everything about being a dad is knowing I have three boys that I’m raising and giving this world three amazing kids. I know I’m not going to live forever, but I’m doing the best I can to make sure I’m raising good, strong, healthy kids that will have an impact in this world.”

Omari Vessup, a CPA who works at K2 Advisors and is our Lead Dad of the Week from Newtown, Conn., has built his career around being there for his sons – one out of college, one in college and the third entering high school.

“Once they came along it made me hyper-responsible,” he said. “I was in charge of multiple lives. It made me more risk adverse and careful with money, careful with doing things maybe to the extreme.”

One of his goals was to be able to buy a house for his family where his sons would have their own rooms. Growing up he always had to share a room with his brothers. “I wanted them to have the ability to have their own room,” he said, “their own space.”

It necessitated a longer commute for him, but it was worth it.
A few years ago, Omari got divorced but that didn’t change his outlook on fatherhood. “My little one goes between me and my ex-wife,” he said. “I don’t get to see him all the time. When I am with him, I try to share the wisdom and impart certain things.”

Welcome, Omari, to The Company of Dads!